The USMAA Mentorship Program aims to connect Muslim youth with professionals in their field. This  learning initiative will ensure that upcoming generations can successfully navigate their professional careers or passions.


Do you want to:

  • Pursue your career with the guidance of a highly experienced mentor
  • Learn how to tackle challenges you will encounter in your career
  • Immerse yourself into proven ways of thinking
  • Gain exposure in your field of interest
  • Clear your doubts and questions


Do you want to:

  • Be a positive influence to the success of Muslim youth by helping them excel in their interest or passion?
  • Provide support in these uncertain times?
  • Increase your exposure to new ways of thinking?
  • Reinforce your own skills?
  • Earn the reward of Allah & experience the joy of seeing your mentee / protégé succeed?


Tips for Mentors – Coming Soon

Tips for Mentees – CS

Mentorship agreement – CS

Note : Your personal information and contact details will not be released or displayed to the public or any potential mentees without your consent. We will do our best to match the Mentees and Mentors. Thereafter, the Mentors will be contacted to discuss further.


Mentorship Disclaimer: USMAA is a platform to connect the Mentor and Mentee. USMAA does not take responsibility for the attitude, quality or the behavior of the Mentor or the Mentee. However, USMAA will only connect financial members for this service. If the Mentor or the Mentee is unhappy with the current  arrangement, USMAA can mediate to find a new Mentor or a Mentee.