Fathima Shanaz

Burial On: August 30, 2020

Remains At: 6A Siripala Rd, Mount Lavinia





Details of Relatives

Beloved wife / husband of , Father / Mother of Beloved mother of Fathima Sarah, Son / Daughter of Beloved daughter of Late N.M Uvais (Kaleels MNH) and Arifathul Relaya Uvais. Mother in law of Ahamad Azmi Azeez (No Limit)., Son in Law / Daughter in Law of , Uncle / Aunty of Beloved Aunt of Hifni Shahzard, Hosni Shahique, Azraque Yasdani, Late Fathima Shafinaz, Late Ashfaque Yamani, Ilma Sharaz, Mohammed Haroun, Fathima Aaminah, Shazaman (Melbourne) Shaznin (Melbourne), Fathima Mizrah, Fathima Mihra and Fathima Mifrah, Relatives of Beloved Sister of Mumtaz Firzeen Nazeer, Hussain Ifzaldean (Oman) Shahazena Uvais (Melbourne) and Mirzard Mohideen (Abu Dhabi)

Burial At: The Dehiwala Muhiyaddeen Mosque Burial Grounds, Sri Lanka





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