About Us

The United Sri Lankan Muslim Association of Australia Inc (USMAA) is a non-profit making religious and humanitarian society dedicated to the promotion of the Islamic religion, culture, principles and the welfare of Sri Lankan-Australian Muslims.

USMAA was formed on 5 Jumada al-Thani Hijra 1411 (22 December 1990). All legal persons who belong to the Sri Lankan-Australian Muslim Community and reside in Australia are eligible for Membership of the Association.

Family Members

Individual Members


Our Vision

To positively represent the Victorian Sri Lankan – Australian Muslim community and to support our community to be upstanding Australian citizens.

Our Mission

  • Partner with other interfaith communities and Australian local/state/federal government agencies to promote intercultural relationships
  • Partner with the Sri Lankan government and other Sri Lankan-Australian organisations to assist the needy
  • Celebrate our unique identity in a family-oriented environment through education, events and community service
  • Support new Sri Lankan migrants and students to establish themselves

Our Values

01. We respect each other

  • We welcome each other to the USMAA family and will not alienate one another
  • Our elders and youth work collaboratively with mutual respect
  • We respect each other’s views and opinions

02. We are part of the community

  • We are part of the Australian community and we endure together with Australia
  • We are also part of the Sri Lankan community as we care about our heritage
  • We appreciate and respect all cultures and ethnicities  

03. We are an inclusive community

  • We welcome any new Muslim Sri Lankans who want to be part of USMAA
  • Our membership is Sri Lankan, but we do not turn our back to other non-Sri Lankan Muslims
  • We are a community-based organisation, guided by our faith  

04. We are united despite our differences

  • We will sacrifice our pride for the betterment of our community
  • We do not show our superiority, based on titles, professions and economic positions, to one another within the USMAA family