About Us

The United Sri Lankan Muslim Association of Australia Inc (USMAA) is a non-profit making religious and humanitarian society dedicated to the promotion of the Islamic religion, culture, principles and the welfare of Sri Lankan-Australian Muslims.

USMAA was formed on 5 Jumada al-Thani Hijra 1411 (22 December 1990). All legal persons who belong to the Sri Lankan-Australian Muslim Community and reside in Australia are eligible for Membership of the Association.

Family Members

Individual Members


Our Vision

To positively represent the Victorian Sri Lankan – Australian Muslim community and to support our community to be upstanding Australian citizens.

Our Mission

  • Partner with other interfaith communities and Australian local/state/federal government agencies to promote intercultural relationships
  • Partner with the Sri Lankan government and other Sri Lankan-Australian organisations to assist the needy
  • Celebrate our unique identity in a family-oriented environment through education, events and community service
  • Support new Sri Lankan migrants and students to establish themselves

Our Values

01. We respect each other

  • We welcome each other to the USMAA family and will not alienate one another
  • Our elders and youth work collaboratively with mutual respect
  • We respect each other’s views and opinions

02. We are part of the community

  • We are part of the Australian community and we endure together with Australia
  • We are also part of the Sri Lankan community as we care about our heritage
  • We appreciate and respect all cultures and ethnicities  

03. We are an inclusive community

  • We welcome any new Muslim Sri Lankans who want to be part of USMAA
  • Our membership is Sri Lankan, but we do not turn our back to other non-Sri Lankan Muslims
  • We are a community-based organisation, guided by our faith  

04. We are united despite our differences

  • We will sacrifice our pride for the betterment of our community
  • We do not show our superiority, based on titles, professions and economic positions, to one another within the USMAA family

USMAA Action Plan

  1. Community re-engagement – Reintroduction of a Relationship Manager model to engage with members. Listening to what members want out of the organisation, as part of the USMAA 2.0 theme.
  2. Wider community charity work – Launch of the USMAA Homeless project, possible sponsorship of poverty-stricken family/ies and a future soup kitchen.
  3. Community events – Pre-planned events to avoid clashes and forward planning to lessen the burden on future Management Committees
  4. Volunteer pool – Giving an opportunity for members to earn rewards from Allah, work for each other and build a culture of giving as opposed to expecting
  5. Fund raising for the USMAA centre – We meet regularly at a Council hall and we have to apply for a grant every year to use it. The arrangement is not permanent.  Therefore we need to be prepared to continue our organisation for our future generations. Gradually building up a funding pool by saving all surplus funds at the end of the year is one method (with a float for the next committee to carry out operations of course) along with an annual building fund raising event.
  6. Land acquisition – Residential is the way to go as commercial is too dear. Of course, parking becomes an issue, which could place residents on the offside.  Leasing, outright purchase or member partial/full donations are options.
  7. USMAA centre building – A modern cost-effective structure with ablution facilities & toilets, industrial grade kitchen, subsidised barista and a future elevator. We could train our youth in the fine art of qiraath recitation, conduct Sunday school as well as have a soup kitchen.
  8. Multi storey car park (plan for the future) – Possible purchase of an adjacent land to establish a car park with plans and foundations to add on extra storeys for future needs
  9. Community Gymnasium (plan for the future) – Possible construction of a second building to extend services to members with a space for the sisters as well to keep fit and healthy.

As subjects of Allah, we can only plan hoping that our God will bless our plans to fruition. He alone will decide if subsequent Management Committees will be able to deliver to that plan, but if we are all on the same page and have the same goal, at least we can rest assured knowing that we ‘gave it a shot’. Please join us in asking dua to make this a success.