Charities USMAA is involved with

USMAA has been involved with the following:
  • Feed the Homeless initiative
  • Donations to Cornerstone Contact Centre, Dandenong
  • Financial and non-financial assistance to international students and families in Australia adversely impacted by the pandemic
  • Distribution of food hampers, during the COVID lockdown, to financially constrained families and international students in Australia
  • Distribution of food hampers to financially struggling daily wage earner families in Mannar and Muttur, Sri Lanka
  • Hosting meals for the orphans in Digana and Anuradhapura
  • Distributing food hampers to foster families of orphans in Kandy
  • Bushfire Appeal Fundraising joint initiative
  • Fundraising to assist with the purchase of life-saving medical equipment for the hospitals in Sri Lanka during the pandemic

Future Charities USMAA wants to be involved in

  • Soup Kitchen (To be operational from the new “USMAA Centre”)

Accolades and Commendations