The Plan for the USMAA Centre

“Since the beginning of USMAA, all our Founder Members, Inaugural Members and the subsequent members have been romanticizing about a possible place of our own. A Centre to call home or second-home at least. We have seen many plans come in to the fore and disappear and with each time it is more or less a new plan. Unfortunately, none of the plans have been retained. This web page is dedicated to ‘A Plan’, might not be ‘The Plan’, but non-the-less a way forward.

The Plan is not on how one Management Committee (MC) within a single year raises funds, builds and finalizes our dream, but rather how each MC contributes year by year, block by block and makes the dream a reality. Below are the high-level steps USMAA could follow in making the USMAA Centre a reality, In shaa Allah…”

At the Recent AGM (23 July 2022) – This subject was brought up again and there was a motion submitted. The plan forward is to create a dedicated team (subcommittee). “USMAA Centre Subcommittee” would plan, implement and deliver the “USMAA Centre” over a period of three to five years. The USMAA Committee was asked to submit an initial Proposal on the Feasibility of this project, upon which this SC would be formed.

(Per the Minutes of the AGM – July 2022)