The Plan for the USMAA Centre

“Since the beginning of USMAA, all our Founder Members, Inaugural Members and the subsequent members have been romanticising about a possible place of our own. A centre to call home or second-home at least. We have seen many plans come in to the fore and disappear and with each time it is more or less a new plan. Unfortunately, none of the plans have been retained. This web page is dedicated to ‘A Plan’, might not be ‘The Plan’, but non-the-less a way forward.

The Plan is not on how one Management Committee (MC) within a single year raises funds, builds and finalises our dream, but rather how each MC contributes year by year, block by block and makes the dream a reality. Below are the high-level steps USMAA could follow in making the USMAA Centre a reality, In shaa Allah…” MCs of 2019/21