USMAA Matrimony

‘And we created you in pairs’

Quran (78:8)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Does USMAA verify any information from the listed proposals?

No, therefore USMAA does not guarantee its accuracy.  The onus is on the interested parties, both the Advertiser and the Responder to conduct their own due diligence.


Q2 How confidential is the information that I share with USMAA?

We will not share your personal details on the website. Any information shared with us will only be viewed by the two or three individuals (max) within the USMAA Management Committee, who are responsible for managing this initiative.


Q3 Will USMAA disclose any of my personal information to any interested parties?

No. It is up to the Advertiser and the Responder to exchange personal information between each other after they conduct their due diligence.


Q4 What are my next steps once I get a response to my advertisement?

· First and foremost, please call the Responder’s contact number to make sure it is a legitimate person as USMAA does not vet the Advertiser or the Responder.

· Ask for all the basic details like where the bride/groom studied, works, exact age, etc.


Q5 How do I conduct reference/background checks?

· Islam encourages thorough investigation of any prospective bride/groom before committing

· Whilst backbiting is strictly forbidden, an exception to the rule is available when gathering information about a prospective partner for marriage

· In this special circumstance, complete information should be given about an individual, be it good or bad


Q6 Does the service guarantee a prospective match?

No, this website is only a platform to advertise. Also, no refunds will be entertained in the event you are unsuccessful in finding a match on this site.


Q7 What happens to my advertisement after a period of 12 months?

If you have not asked us to take down your advertisement, then it will automatically be purged from our website after 12 months. You will have to create a new advert or contact us before the expiry if you want it to continue.

Note: an admin fee will be applicable after 12 months for continuing ads.


Q8 Who can advertise on the site?

Advertisers need to be Australian or New Zealand residents covered by one of the following visa categories: Australian/ New Zealand citizen, Australian/ New Zealand Permanent Resident (PR), Student and Business.


Q9 Who cannot advertise on the site?
A a) Non-Australia/New Zealand residents
b) Applicants who are already married. This is not a platform for polygamy arrangements.
Q10 What if I have further questions?

Kindly send your queries to


The Matrimony Process

Search Criteria

Reference MATRIMONY-7530
Marital Status Single
Living in Australia for 10 years or more
Age 23
Place of Birth Sri Lanka
Nationality Sri Lankan - Indian
Visa Status Australian / New Zealand Citizen
Profession Student
State NSW
Height 159cm
Education Bachelors
Preferred Partner From Australian Only
Preferred Age Range 24-27
What I am looking for

Looking for a humble, hardworking and respectful individual. Educated and well versed in Islam, who speaks Tamil and is Sri Lankan- Australian.

My relationship with my deen  Strong
My expectation of my partner’s deen No preference or either of the above

Asalamu Alaikum,

I am currently studying teaching. I have been living in Australia since I was 6 years old. We live in an Islamic suburb in NSW, where we studied in an Islamic school and have mosques nearby. My family and I are pious and try our best to be good Muslims. I am a polite, modest person. I like art, business, pets and cooking.


People descibe me as

Humble, modest and compassionate.