Salaams USMAA Family!

We have just completed re-designing our USMAA “Community” Page. We hope you like it!

This project has been under development since Sep 2022. Initially, to get the project underway, we sought advise from a few web development consultants on the design and layout with a view to having a landing page that was user-friendly, intuitive and informative. There were several ideas explored by the USMAA MC and then discussed with the consultants. Many of the suggestions required substantial investments into development works. But as USMAA did not have the financial resources to commit to such substantial investments, USMAA MC came to the decision to keep the changes simple (a simple renovation) to the “Community” page as Stage 1 development.

It is not the intention of USMAA MC to stop development at Stage 1. As with any association or business, website development is an ongoing development and USMAA needs to keep up with technology as we plan to deliver several services and products to the USMAA Community. To keep USMAA relevant as we grow, the key is find ways to CONNECT with the youth and find ways to engage them and keep them connected. This is our challenge.

The COMMUNITY page design has a GRID layout and as you can see, each GRID has a specific purpose. We welcome the community to explore each GRID and find YOUR purpose and BENEFIT/SUPPORT in what the USMAA MC is planning going into the future. We welcome members of our USMAA family to support the many initiatives contemplated in each GRID-PLAN and support and participate in making our vision and plans a reality.

We would also welcome members to give feed-back on this development and highlight improvements that could be made. Please send in your feed-backs to:…(Please note the GRIDS are still under construction as we have not setup the payment-links yet).

USMAA MC would like to thank brother Zafar Issadeen (former USMAA MC) for having supported this project with website development. We appreciate and thank his help with ongoing assistance to the USMAA community.

We also ask the USMAA community to support on-going development of our website by helping with funding.

Your donations and support are very welcome. Please scan the QR Code (point your mobile phone camera) below to DONATE!

Jzk, Reza Jamal, USMAA MC.