• USMAA Members Night
    October 8, 2022
    7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Ticket Registration Guide:

Family Ticket Registration Year 2022-23 Paid Members – Primary member can register on behalf of family and pay for all the adults and kids (over 12YO). Key in the number of adults ($5 each) and register using your first and surname. If your kid is over 12YO, then register the kid as an adult too ($5 each). Then use the next ticket category for the kids (under 12YO). Key in the number of kids you are registering. Kids under 12YO are free.

Individual Ticket Registration Year 2022-23 Paid Members – Register your ticket using your first and surname. Pay for the number of adults ($5each). Only buy the ticket for yourself if it is only for you. If you are a current financial member please pay the subsidized price.  If you do not wish to become a member yet or have not paid up your 2022-23 member fees, then please pay the full price of $19 per adult and $10 per child.

Ticket Registration Year 2022-23 Non-Paid MembersRegister your ticket using your first and surname. Use the non- Member ticket category. If you do not wish to become a member yet, then please pay the full price of $19 per adult and child (Over 12YO) and $10 per child (5-10YO). Alternatively, please pay up your 2022-23 member subscription fees and then buy the event tickets at subsidized prices.

Group Ticket Registration – If you wish to book a table of upto-ten for a group, then you may register and buy upto-10 tickets under your name. You will be the primary registered person (your first and surname) and you need to pay for the cost of the ten tickets in “One Amount”. But make sure every individual in your group is registered with their first name and surname. We will need the names and surnames of every person in your group so we can issue a ticket for each member of the group.  Work out the cost of all the tickets and pay in one lot. Current members $5 per adult and kids (Over 12YO) $5 each, $19 per non-member adult and kid (Over 12YO), $10 per non-member child (5-10YO). Add up the cost and pay the total in one lot.

Please be reminded, that when you register and pay, your status will remain “Unapproved” until we have verified your membership status. Upon approving your ticket purchase, your ticket will get confirmed. So please be patient while we follow this procedure. Jzk. 

Details Price Qty
Current Financial Members- Adults & Kids (Over 12)show details + $5.00 (AUD)  
Current Financial Members- Kids (Under 12)show details + $0.00 (AUD)  
Non-Members - Adults & Kids (Over 12)show details + $19.00 (AUD)   Sold Out
Non-Members- Kids Under 12YOshow details + $10.00 (AUD)   Sold Out

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