In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

The Education Sub-committee (ESC) of USMAA was formed with the aim of encouraging and supporting our children’s education towards academic success.

The Qur’an and Hadiths clearly indicate that knowledge and education is important for all Muslims in order for us to fulfil our duties and obligations to Allah and humanity. Therefore it is clear that obtaining knowledge is of central importance in Islam. And providing assistance to access education is a charitable act.

 ESC hopes to engage the USMAA community in their various activities which are briefly outlined below:

 1. Recognising the achievements of VCE students:

  • All USMAA member students who have achieved an ATAR score of 85 and above will be awarded Certificates of Achievement at an upcoming USMAA event.
  • The top 2 highest achievers will also be presented with an award of $1000 each. This award is from a generous USMAA member as a source of encouragement and has been pledged for the next 3 yrs To apply for the award please download this form. The completed form should be sent to the ESC by a 31st Jan. Please check with ESC members for exact dates & procedures.

 2. Education enhancement programs

  • A voluntary mentoring program will be set up with primary, high school and University students. For a Muslim, learning is a life-long process. Learning also comes with a responsibility of teaching others what one has learned. This would present a great opportunity for those willing to teach others to be a mentor to a younger student. Those who wish to participate in the mentoring program, either as a mentor or a mentee should contact an ESC member (see below for ESC members’ contact details).
  • ESC will also hold information evenings/workshops for students & parents on
    • Tips on prepare for VCE & scholarship exams to top State or private schools, .
    • counselling sessions- how to de-stress, use time wisely
    • motivational speakers
    • careers information.

More information on the format, dates and other details would be announced closer to the events.

3. Scholarship programs

To provide financial assistance to students with financial hardship, both in Victoria and in Sri Lanka. The principles of charity in Islam offer a way through which Muslims can support education programmes that will empower our society.

  • Assistance for students in Victoria would be open to children of USMAA members only. This would be a non-binding financial loan scheme of below $1000 towards a particular educational need such as a laptop computer. An application for a loan should be submitted to the ESC by the parent/s of the student.
  • Scholarships for students in Sri Lanka preparing for GCE O/L & A/L exams and University Students facing financial hardship: Scholarships would be provided through established Muslim educational assistance programs in Sri Lanka, e.g Serendib Scholarship Scheme, Baithul-mal, and other known education assistance programs.
Funding of the programs:
 We would like to invite the USMAA members and the wider Community to participate in assisting these programs. Following are some ways in which these programs could be funded:
  • Individuals or families can volunteer to sponsor a student – The cost is only $30 per month or $360 per year (this is less than $1 a day!).
    – This could be either donated as one off payment or in monthly instalments.
  • Others can make cash donations whenever possible.
  • If you would like to be a sponsor please lodge your interest with the ESC. Please download this form.
  • In addition, USMAA will dedicate the indoor & outdoor sports days as ESC fundraising events.
  • Donation boxes will also be circulated at some of the USMAA events for collection of funds.
  • Fundraising lunches/parties in member’s homes for family and friends.


Committee Member Bro. Mohamed Najeeb
(Mobile) 0402 002 270
Committee Member Sis. Nizra Haniffa
(Mobile) 0416 120 150
Committee Member Sis. Shazia Faleel
(Mobile) 0477 057 342
Committee Member Sis. Shamara Nazeer
(Mobile) 0405 417 453
Committee Member Sis. Nashmie Cader
(Mobile) 0431 539 834
Committee Member Sis. Nuzly Sikkander
(Mobile) 0433 312 330
Committee Member Sis.