Accounting and Business Services

Yure Business Solutions offers business solutions and services to small and medium businesses:

Our range of services include:

  1. Finance and Accounting placements such as Financial Accountants, Finance Managers and Controllers on a contract flexible time basis. This saves businesses significant costs as much as 60% of the cost of full time employees.
  2. Suite of professional products – New business registration (incl GST and ABN), Website setup, Accounting system setup, Google and social media setup for marketing and advertising, Business Plan setup including financial budgets, Rolling forecasts etc….
  3. Special one off projects (and ongoing) including cash-flow planning, financial budgets, legal assistance, book-keeping services, audits etc…

The business model operates as a “One-Stop Service” for businesses seeking solutions to their problems. Instead of sourcing several independent suppliers, we offer each of these expertise to our business clients under one umbrella. In particular, designed for post-covid reality, the services are offered through online platforms and cloud technology.

Services of our suite of products are offered through partnerships with accredited specialists in their field of expertise. The key differentiation is Yure Business Solutions takes responsibility of delivery of these services in terms of scope, timeline and delivery mode. This makes it easier for the client as they have to only deal with only one assigned account manager for all their services, instead of dealing with multiple external suppliers.

Inquiries and free initial consultation:

Reza Jamal

0451 631 510


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