Ramadan Appeal 2020

April 25, 2020

A Ramadan Appeal was sent out to the USMAA Family requesting for donations of zakat, sadaqah and/or fitra to be channeled to USMAA so that we can team up with Bridging Lanka to help 300+ families in 31 villages in Mannar, Sri Lanka. The coordination and delivery of the food rations was conducted by Bridging Lanka with the assistance of the Divisional Secretariat. The funds donated by the USMAA members provided vital and timely aid to several less fortunate families during Ramadan amidst the COVID19 pandemic. The majority of the families were headed by widows and had differently abled children. Several photos have been included below including a heartwarming letter from the mosque in the area thanking everyone for the donations and wishing the donors the blessings of Allah. The images are courtesy of Bridging Lanka.