One of the many objectives of the Qiraath committee has been to build upon the existing structures in place through USMAA in order to enhance existing projects and start new ones to provide more opportunities for the community to get involved.

Of particular focus has been the annual Qiraath competition.

The current management committee has established the Qiraath Sub Committee, comprising of Bro. Azam Kassim, Bro. Abdul Wahab and Bro. Fahmi Haniffa.

The primary objectives of the Qiraath Sub Commitee are:

To establish a permanent structure for the running of the Qiraath competition on an annual basis- This will include the establishment of a defined set of rules and guidelines for the competition.

– Identify children and youth groups within USMAA and the wider Sri Lankan Muslim Community- We are working on making this a widely publicized event to ensure a large number of children are able to participate.

– Conduct workshops prior to the competition- To do this, we will be sourcing qualified, knowledgeable and experienced people to train the children and parents and to conduct workshops. This will benefit the children and parents alike for both the competition and in general.

– Work out the awards and find sponsors for the awards.

– Find sponsors and volunteers to run the event- catering etc.

– Hold a fundraising event- as a source of funds to fund the competition annually- We hope to make the Qiraath competition a prime event of USMAA Insha Allah. An annual fundraising event will provide the necessary funds to ensure that the event can be run on a large scale on an annual basis.

Please feel free to pass on any suggestions or comments you have to any of the committee members.